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23rd Reunion of the 1950-1969 Crews
October 22-24, 2009
Holiday Inn, Tucson, AZ Airport North

Host Jake Houser, Sonarman, Early 1950s and his "XO", Annie
(Jake says, "She was CO and I was XO")


Hosts, Jake and Annie, arrived at the beautiful motel early to setup and decorate the Hospitality Room.  They quickly had the tables set up, the walls decorated with Whitehurst related banners, the coffee percolating, and the cokes on ice. The loaded display table
was in place, "Goodie Bags" labeled, munchies on the tables,  and
Jake was ready to
register attendees as they arrived.

Host, Jake, checks the registration list

View of the Hospitality Room

The remainder of arrival day was dedicated to fellowship, renewing acquaintances, and the cultivation of longstanding friendships.  Annie made sure that all hands were familiar with the schedule of events and where to meet the bus for the Friday morning tour. Early in the evening, the crowd reordered itself into smaller groups,  Some went out to eat at local restaurants while others navigated to the secondary fellowship room, the one with tall stools.

Friday, October 23rd

Crowd gathers for visit to an 18th Century Mission

San Xavier del Bac, completed in 1797

Second tour was to the Movie Set, Old Tucson

Dick Dixon, Jim Bruffett, & Ann Hayes visit an old Barber Shop

Lunch at Big Jake's (No relation to Host Jake Houser)

Sheriff warns watchers to stand clear of the Gunfighters

Would you believe these lovely ladies want to see the Gunfight?

Who's the outlaw?

An old Gunners mate and an old Gun.

A leisurely stroll in Old Tucson

Rod Storz waves a greeting from the Old Tucson Rail Car as our visit winds down.

Saturday October 24th

We loaded the bus again headed for the Pima Air and Space Museum. 

Enroute to Pima Air and Space Museum

Nettles & Evelo

Sculpture at entrance: Pima Air and Space Museum

Docent of the Museum efficiently describes the outside aircraft.  There are hundreds
of aircraft in all shapes sizes in various conditions of repair and disrepair.  We had to
view the outside planes from the bus.  The docent was, himself, a pilot and knew the
museum planes very well.

Beautiful B-36

NASA's Freight Plane

After the outside tour was complete, the bus driver let us out at the entrance to the gift shop
and museum hanger where we leisurely viewed the famous SR-71 Blackbird Spy Plane
and many other strange and wonderful aircraft.

Zeke Frazier & Jim Stotts in Museum Hanger

SR-71 Blackbird

Shortly before time to board the bus we found soft drink machines and a shady place to talk.

Curtis Hicks agrees, "The shade and the benches are welcome."

Back to the Hotel where we each found our on way to lunch. Next the women amused
themselves and the men went to the Hospitality Room for a business meeting.  Treasurer,
Arnold Pettijohn, gave us an update on the financial status of the USS Whitehurst Assn.
The entire group gratefully voted to accept Wally Shelton's offer to host the 2010 Reunion
in Reno, Nevada.

Closing Banquet

Barcelona Room

Honor Guard Ceremony conducted by Santa Rita High School, Air Force ROTC

Jake has just presented a "Thank You" donation to the Honor Guard.
The $100 check was authorized at the earlier business meeting.

Grandson Rudi, Daughters Elita & Frances and Frank Yeoman, mid 1950s

Doris & Glen Gunners mate early 1950s

Jayne & Gene, Radarman, early 1950s

Ann Hayes & Jim Bruffett, Signalman, mid 1950s

Kathryn & Bob Carter, Quartermaster, early 1950s

LaVerne Garstka, sister of Helen Congdon,
Widow of Cliff Congdon, Fire Controlman, early 1950s

Chris & Max Crow, Fire Control Tech early 1950s

Sally & "Dick" Dixon, Gunners mate mid 1950s

"Sissie" Evelo and Bill, Seaman mid 1950s

"Stacia" & "Flip" Filipiak, Radioman mid 1950s

"Zeke" Frazier, Machinist mate, early 1960s

Sharon & Clyde Fry, Laundryman, mid 1950s

Alice the widow of Roy Hasty, Quartermaster early 1950s

Sara & Curtis Hicks, Electrician, early 1960s

Annie and "Jake" Houser, Sonarman early 1950s

Rae & "Jim" Howe, Quartermaster mid 1950s

Charlene & Ted Kuwflewski, Quartermaster early 1950s

Mary and Jack Nettles, Boiler man early 1950s

Denny Otte, Gunners mate early 1950s

Gladys & Arnold Pettijohn, Boiler man early 1950s

Pat Phillips and "Wally" "Pete" Shelton, Radarman mid 1950s

Ruth & Don Smith, Metal smith early 1950s

Elaine and Lauren "Steve" Stevens, Machinist mate early 1950s

Rod Storz, Radarman early 1950s

Adeline & "Jim" Stotts, Electricians mate early 1960s

At each reunion, we announce the names of our shipmates who have
passed away since the last reunion.

Arnold Pettijohn praises the work of the hosts, Annie & Jake

Jake receives the Bravo Zulu award
(Bravo Zulu is  both  Radio and Flag Hoist signal meaning "Well done")


ReU-2009 Whitehurst veterans

Wives and Companions of ReU-2009 Whitehurst veterans

After the awards, photos, and fellowship, ReU-2009 is officially over.  There will be more fellowship and farewells during hotel checkout period on Sunday a.m., Oct 25.

We all hope to meet again at ReU-2010 in Reno, Nevada, next September.

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