24th Reunion of the USS Whitehurst DE-634
Late Crews (1950-1969)
19 - 21 September Reno Nevada

Host Wally "Pete" Shelton, Executive Officer Pat Phillips

Reunion Attendees Sept 19 - 21 2010, Reno, NV
Veteran Rate Achieved Year onboard
Anderson, Glen GM2 1951
Avery, Gene RD2 1952
Bruffett, Oscar (Jim) SN1 1955
Crawford, Albert QMCM 1950 as QM1
Crow, Max FT2 1952
Dixon, Richard (Dick) GM3 1953
England, Earl (Bud) GM3 1952
Filipiak, Adrian RMC 1955
Houser, James SOSN 1952
Howe, James (Jim) QMCM 1954
LaClear, George BT3 1954
Masten, Richardson (Ric) SN 1957
Otte, Denny GM3 1951
Schlichting, William (Slick) or (Bill) GM2 1951
Shelton, Wallace (Wally) or (Pete) RD2 1955
Smith, Donald FN1 1952
Sprague, Dan RD2 1951
Storz, Rodney (Rod) RD2 1951
Stotts, James (Jim) EM2 1959
Wakefield, Duane SO3 1954


Anderson, Glen

Anderson, Doris

Avery, Gene

Avery, Jayne

Bruffett, Jim

Hayes, Ann

Crawford, Al

Crawford, Eileen

Crow, Max

Crow, Chris

Dixon, Richard

Dixon, Sally

Wakefield, Duane

Wakefield, Jackie

England, Earl

Kathy England Lynch

Filipiak, Adrian

Filipiak, Stasha

Hasty, Alice

Roy Hasty Jr.

Houser, James

Houser, Annie

Howe, Jim

Howe, Raelene

George, LaClear

LaClear, Veronica

Masten, Rick

Masten, Linda

Otte, Denny


Schlichting, Bill

Schlichting, Shirley

Shelton, Wallace

Pat Phillips

Smith, Don

Smith, Ruth

Sprague, Danny

Sprague, Key

Storz, Rod

Charlotte Storz McKay


Stotts, Jim

Stotts, Adeline

Shots around the Hotel and Hospitality Room






Bus Tour to Virginia City, Nevada





















Lake Tahoe Tour on Paddle Wheel Ship
















Closing Banquet
Webmaster's apology: I am sorry there are so few banquet photos this year.  It was due to battery death in 2 cameras
at the same time.  By the time I procured more batteries it was time for group photos. mc














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