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2012 Reunion of USS Whitehurst DE-634
1950 - 1969 Crews

Oct 5 - 8,  Alexandria, Virginia

Hosting Team Jim & Rae Howe. 
Jim  QMCM US Navy Retired served on Whitehurst in mid 1950s


Colonel Marosko is Military Assistant to Lt General Ralph Jodice,
Commander NATO Allied Air Command.
The Colonel enlightened us on the Operations of NATO in
North Africa. The speech totally captured everyone's attention.
The response was clearly a "Bravo Zulu!" message
(Bravo Zulu is the Navy signal for "Well Done!")

Colonel Max Marosko with his lovely wife Rachel


Photo above taken in the Hotel Hospitality Room

Photos below were taken in the Hotel Breakfast Room.  A few hotel guests
who were not "Whitehurst Family" appear in the pictures.

"Lum" was Damage Controlman in mid 1950s

Marine Veteran Bob Guyette took a lot of ribbing from the Navy vets.
Debra is daughter of Manny & Gloria Holmes

Bob looks good in the Whitehurst Cap.  He was a good sport when
Host, Jim Howe, made special efforts to explain clock times.

Dolores is daughter of Manny and Gloria Holmes

Jim Bruffet was a Signalman, mid 1950s

Zeke is a Retired Chief  Machinist Mate, served on Whitehurst circa 1960

Janett is daughter of Alice and deceased  Quartermaster, Roy Hasty

Roy is son of deceased Quartermaster Roy, and Alice Hasty

Sunny was wife of the late Bert Boodman, ET during the Korean War era

Sunny Boodman with Max Crow, Fire Control Tech, 1950s

Bob Carter Quartermaster during the Korean War era

Don Smith, Metalman early to mid 1950s and Grandson Nate Putnam

After morning chow, we gathered in front of the hotel awaiting
the "Coach".  It looked like a Bus but the Owner/Driver
insisted it was a Coach.




On the first tour day we visited the Korean War memorial and
 walked across the Mall near the Lincoln Memorial, on our
way to visit the Vietnam Wall before reboarding the Coach
to visit the Arlington National Cemetery.

Much of the Korean War was fought in the coldest weather and worst conditions.

Nate is enjoying the tour.

Flip & Wally chat at the  Wall of the Korean War memorial

Flip and Stasha.  Can you believe they are about to celebrate their
Golden Wedding Anniversary.  Nah... She's too young!

Lincoln memorial

Inside the Lincoln Memorial structure

Early '50s Sonarman, Jake Houser, at Vietnam Wall

Slick Schlichting, Jake Houser, Al Crawford

Bob & Debra Guyette

Sunny, Annie, Arnold Pettijohn, Boilerman early '50s

Bruffett, Maggie & Zeke

Alice Hasty and son Roy at The Wall

Max Crow

Don "Lum" Loerhig, Bob Carter, Kathy Carter, Rae Howe

Next stop Arlington National Cemetery

Autumn at Arlington National Cemetery.

Observing Changing of the Guard Ceremony at the
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Guard walks 21 paces before changing direction

Changing of the Guard

First day tours complete.  Waiting for the Coach to return to Hotel. 
On our own for the rest of the day.

Day 2 schedule:
New NASA Aero Space Museum at Dulles National Airport,
Business Meeting and, Closing Banquet

Some came early or stayed over to see memorials
and sights not seen on the planned tours.

United States Air Force  Memorial

U.S. Capitol Building Mall Side

Jefferson Memorial at Cherry Blossom time

555' Washington Monument

The Washington Mall from Capitol Building to Lincoln Memorial

White House North Side

White House South Side faces the Mall

World War II Memorial

Jake and Annie Houser's visit to Alexandria, VA and
the George Washington Home at Mount Vernon

On the Potomac River

At Gatsby's Tavern, Alexandria

Alexandria, VA  is just a few miles from Washington, DC

Mt. Vernon, the George Washington Home Place

Annie and Jake

Closing Banquet, Sunday  7 October 2012
Washington Suites Hotel

Whitehurst Memorial Bell used in the TAPS Ceremonies
This year we set a sad record.  12 names of of shipmates
who  had embarked on their eternal voyage.

The Color Guard

Cesar Howe is a Grandson of reunion Hosts Jim and Rae Howe
Cesar's Mother, Therese Howe, provided the excellent Banquet
and Color Guard photos.  Many thanks Therese!

Host, Jim is about to open the banquet.  Jim Bruffet
will offer the invocation.

l to r Don Loerhig, Don Smith, Elwood "Woodie" Winters,
Arnold Pettijohn, Jim Howe

Nate Putnam with Grand Parents Don & Ruth Smith

Dick and Barbara Fernandez
They have been in touch and wanting to attend for years.
It was a pleasure to have them with us this in 2012.

Host Jim Howe declares Nate Putnam is now an Honorary
Crew Member of USS Whitehurst.  He is welcomed "onboard".

Door Prize Drawings

Seaman Nate Putnam assists Master Chief Howe

The servers are beginning to deliver the Banquet Meals
Wally is ready!

We all enjoyed the refreshing, respectful, young man, Nate Putnam.
Let's hope he brings his grand parents again next year.

Rachel Marosko is related to Kathy and Bob Carter, who shared their
table at the banquet. Air Force Colonel Marosko was in town on a short leave, but graciously accepted Bob's invitation to speak to this group
of Navy vets.
  An Admiral could not have impressed us more.

Woodie and Sue are also first time attendees.  Great to meet them and
to see Woodie again after so many years.

Zeke and Maggie Frazier
They were ReU-2011 Hosts in San Diego.  This year they could
relax and enjoy.

Manny & Gloria Holmes were accompanied by
3 daughters and 3 sons-in-law,  They were with us at the 2005 ReU
in Albany.  Good to have them all again.  Even the Marine!

Holmes Family viewed from opposite side of the table.
The big guy on the right is the Marine.

That's Roy Hasty reaching for the rolls.

A couple of young chicks, Sunny Boodman
and Gladys "GP" Pettijohn

Old??...  Who's old?

Many thanks to Jim and Rae Howe for their excellent work planning,
preparing, and conducting the 2012 Reunion of the
USS Whitehurst 1950 - 1969 Crews. mc

Server space limitations prevent this web site history, of our 2012 reunion, from being nearly as comprehensive as the DVD of the event.  But I have tried to post a representative sampling of all events and activities and  include pictures of all who attended.  If I have excluded anyone, it was unintentional.  Please e-mail me with the name of anyone I may have missed.  I'll add their photo to this page.  Max Crow webmaster

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