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                 2017 Joint Reunion of Crews of:
USS Silverstein DE-534, USS Walton DE-361
   USS Whitehurst DE-634, USS Foss DE-59

                     Larry Richards, Reunion Planner and Host, served as
                              Radarman on USS Silverstein in the 1950s

                                Silverstein, a Butler Class Destroyer Escort

                            USS Walton, a Butler Class Destroyer Escort

                       USS Whitehurst, a Buckley Class Destroyer Escort,
                           star of the movie, "The Enemy Below", 1957

                             USS Foss, a Buckley Class Destroyer Escort





                 Tour Day #2 In San Antonio


            Mi Tierra (My Land) Restaurant.  Famous place to dine in San Antonio
                  Next, San Fernando Cathedral, at the center of San Antonio
                                   Entrance Foyer, San Fernando Cathedral

   Back to Hotel for the Tuesday Night Audassacre...
The Tuesday show seemed to be fun for all.  The Texas Trio put on an hour show attempting to entertain a sophisticated audience with some "Oldie Moldys" pertaining to the great state of Texas.  We tried to get off on the right foot by telling them that we would waive the requirement of standing for the Texas National Anthem, i.e. the late, great Bob Wills number, San Antonio Rose.  The crowd was generous with their applause and no one threw tomatoes.  I admit it was rumored later that Silverstein Vet, Dave Cregut, who was the Reunion Master at Arms, forbade entry to anyone carrying fruits or vegetables. There was only a single questionable exchange overheard afterward.  (I won't name the man who asked the question but he served on Whitehurst and his initials are Jim Howe.) The exchange: "Were they playing in the Key of L?" The reply, "There is no Key of L." followed by, "Well it sure sounded like L".

Speaking for the Texas Trio, we had a great time. We three live hundreds of miles apart, and had never performed together, so the program was planed by e-mail and telephone.  Gladys Pettijohn grew up with popular music so she chose to let Jim Bruffett  solo the "country" songs and "Home in the Swamp". This was the classic, "Home on the Range", re-written by yours truly, to describe the life of a "Swamp Dweller".  Shipmate, Jim Howe, actually helped us during the few rehearsals at the hotel, but he could not be persuaded to join us, even after I promised to leave "Texas" out of the group name.  My better half, Chris, reported that there was one man who knew all the words and sang along during the show.  Later when she and I were reviewing the DVD, she exclaimed, "there's the guy who sang along!"  You guessed it. It was Jim Howe.  We appreciate his support and his good natured response to my jokes.                                                                  max crow

                                Wed. Tour Day #3.  First stop, The Alamo
              Next stop, Lunch near the River Walk Landing then the Boat Tour
                        Just one of many sights along the view from the San Antonio River.
                     Now it is time to return to the hotel and prepare for the closing Banquet.
  Host, Silverstein Vet, Larry Richards opened with a welcome, gave the photogs some time to take group photos, then started the second auction, led by Auctioneer, "Might Mouth Bruffett, who were assisted by, Larry Richards, and Whitehurst vets, Jim Howe and Arnold Pettijohn.  After the auction we enjoyed an excellent  dinner.  This was followed by presentation of the SVPA, Senior Veteran Present Award to WWII and Foss veteran, Mike Sedlak and closing ceremonies and goodbyes.  It was announced that Larry and Velma Richards will again plan and host next years reunion. Larry will select a hotel and tours in Jacksonville, Florida.
     Whitehurst vet,Max Crow presents the SVPA Award to Mike Sedlak, who             served on several ships during WWII and the USS Foss during the Korean war.
 In every port where there are ships of the United States Navy, the Ship with the highest Ranking Officer, flies   the "Senior Officer Present Afloat" Pennant. aka the SOPA Pennant.  The veterans of, USS Silverstein DE-534, USS Walton DE-361, USS Whitehurst DE-634, and USS Foss DE-59, who attend their own Joint DE-Reunions, have decided to honor the senior veteran attending with an SVPA Award.  We have designed a Special Pennant photo which he can display.  Each year since the Foss group began attended the joint reunion, Mike Sedlak has received the award.  This year, 2017, he received a framed photo showing his WWII ships in black and white and the KW ship in color.
 The presentation was followed by a closing announcement, camaraderie, and good byes.  We are looking forward to the 2018 Joint Reunion at the Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel, Sept. 14-17 in Jacksonville, FL. 

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