USS Whitehurst Logo by: Pat Stephens, Webmaster, DESA

Reunion: USS Whitehurst DE-634,
WWII Veterans

June 27-29, 2018
Clarion Inn & Suites
5335 Central Ave. Pike
Knoxville, Tennessee

Once again in the last full week of June, surviving veterans of  Whitehurst met in Knoxville to enjoy the fellowship that only shipmates, who have shared and endured the terrifying actions of war, can know.  There are other surviving shipmates, but only 3, Gordon Leslie, Roy Dean, and Lew Cowden, are able to attend the reunions.  Jim Lawrence, a Vietnam Era veteran of Whitehurst, has long served as secretary to the WWII Group.  Jim always attends the reunions.   For the past 4 years these hardy men have been the only WWII vets able to attend. They were all accompanied by a family member.  And, God Bless them all, they plan to attend again in next year!

We wish them a healthy year and a safe return to Knoxville in 2019. 
Max Crow, Webmaster & Whitehurst vet, 1952-1955

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