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Honor Flight of
Robert D. "Bob" Carter, Quartermaster

Cindi Carter Fitch with Father, Bob Carter.  Cindi served as Bob's Guardian and Scribe
during the Honor Visit to the War memorials in Washington, DC.

Sat Oct 21, 2017:  Alarm goes off at 2:00 am.  We didn't arrive back in Naples until about 11 pm
the same day...and what a day it was! ..buses from with police escort from Naples Airport to Fort Meyers Airport. (I was already in tears as we walked into the bus under a Military
Sword Salute.)

...delicious breakfast at the gate.  We met the Mayor of Naples, a guest on the flight

6:am ...the flight attendants had a surprise for us. As we backed out they dimmed the cabin lights, we raised the window shades and were treated to the Water Gun Salute from four Firetrucks on each side of the aircraft with their lights flashing. Their hoses formed an arch of water as the aircraft passed under, enroute to the runway.


8:00 am, Reagan International in DC, hundreds of civilians welcoming the vets 'home', and thanking them for their service to our country, waving flags, bands playing patriotic songs, etc.
We were AMAZED at all the people!... again the tears.

We were escorted all through the City by police escorts and motorcades in the front, back, and sides of all three of our buses. People... stood on corners and SALUTED us!

WWII Memorial Tour

 The large Portals left and right, acknowledge the Atlantic and Pacific Wars. The surrounding monuments represent the various, United States, US Territories, and Washington DC.



The entire group of Collier County, Florida, Mission #15 Honor Flight

This is the symbol on the T-Shirts supplied by the
Collier County Honor Flight Organization

Their longtime home state

Bob and a fellow vet from Collier County


Bob recognized Senator Reed, introduced himself, and both enjoyed a
pleasant conversation.

Bob, Senator Reed, and Cindi

The United States Air Force Memorial Tour

The monument represents the flights of powerful Jet Fighter Aircraft climbing in formation,
at high speed, straight up, then separating on different courses.

US Air Force Thunderbirds, performing an Air Show demonstration

Salute to a Fallen Comrade. 
Notice that the third plane is missing from the formation.

The Bronze Statues are much larger then life size.

Arlington National Cemetery Tour




The Korean War Veterans Memorial Tour



The Vietnam War Memorial, aka "The Wall"

The Lincoln Memorial

Homeward Bound after "What a Day!"



At 8:30 pm(1.5 hours late) we finally boarded the aircraft bound for Ft. Meyers, Florida, and
yes we had another Water Canon Salute by the Firetrucks on the runway.

We were all exhausted, and just as all the veterans were about to fall asleep,
yet another surprise for the vets...





The day finally ended with a true Hero' Welcome at the airport at 11:00 pm.  There were bagpipes, young children, families with banners, cowbells... people everywhere
(maybe 1,000+) welcoming home our veterans... and you guessed it, more tears!



Wow, what a day.  I am so blessed to have been able to share that day with my own dad.
It was , truly, the most memorable day of my lifetime.    Cindi Carter Fitch

A Big Bravo Zulu to the Collier County Honor Flight Association!  In civilian terms It means WELL DONE!

We are all grateful to you.    Max Crow on behalf of the veterans of the
USS Whitehurst Association.


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