USS Whitehurst Logo by: Pat Stephens, Webmaster, DESA

A. J. Wichita Elected President of the
American Merchant Marine

In the mid 50s LTJG A. J. Wichita served on board
USS Whitehurst DE-634 as Engineering officer.  He
had served in the Merchant Marine during WWII.


“Wichita has been active in the AMMV’s main thrust of getting veteran recognition and equal GI benefits for Merchant Marine Veterans. In the early stages of WWII, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s believed the Merchant Marine would suffer 50% loss of ships supplying the Allies in the world’s greatest sealift. The mortality rate of Merchant Mariners by enemy action was among the highest of all services.  It was Yankee ingenuity with Rosie the Riveter and helpers which defeated the enemy as Americans built ships faster than the enemy could sink them.”

You may learn more about the AMMV by accessing
Their new web site:

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