Deck Logs, Vietnam Period

The 1 March 1962 through 30 April 1962, Deck Logs of USS Whitehurst DE-634, are now available on CD in PDF format.  This period covers the time from Whitehurst's steaming from Subic Bay, PI to the Vietnam Patrol area until she left the area for Yokosuka, Japan.

You may take the CD to any Office Services store and have them printed or if you have the Adobe Acrobat software, you may print them with your own PC.  The legal size pages total 65.  If you'd like a CD copy of these logs, e-mail  including your Name and Post Office address.  I'll mail the CD to you, and trust you to remit $4 to my PO address.

However there is a cheaper way. The file is 8.8megabytes. I will upload it to Whitehurst Veterans at no charge.

PDF records are displayed and printed by Adobe Acrobat Software.  It comes on many product CDs and may already be on your PC. If it is not already installed, you can obtain it by Googling "Adobe Acrobat".  Search the hit list for a free version and download/install it.  Then you'll have the option of printing the Logs yourself. On 2 July 2011, I had the entire 65 page file printed on legal size paper at Office Max.  The charge was very close to $22.

You may view the file on your PC by double clicking the "Deck Log Book" icon.  On the first screen click as follows: View, Rotate, Counterclockwise.  Wait a few seconds for the page to come upright.  Then use the Bold, Down arrow, to page through the 65 pages. 

The original logs were on Legal size (8.5 x 14 inch) paper. On the CD and on the up-loadable record, they have been rotated 90 cw.  You can print all 65 pages or any potion. 

With the first record displayed,

Click File, Print,
Be sure correct printer is selected in the Printer Name Box. 
Click the box, Auto-Rotate and center.
Click the appropriate boxes in the Print Range section.

Click Page Setup to select Paper Size.  8.5 x 11 is default and the pages are quite readable on this standard paper.  But if you want Legal size, select it on this page.  Click OK

Now click OK to start the printing.

Max Crow, Yeoman/Webmaster, USS Whitehurst, Assn.

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