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Departure and Arrival records of USS Whitehurst DE 634,

from Green Cove Springs, Florida to Pusan, Korea


Kept by Al Crawford, QM1 at the time, now QMCM USN Ret


Al Crawford

All Whitehurst log entries made at Green Cove Springs begin "Moored portside to the dock in berth B, pier 5, U.S. Naval Station, Green Cove Springs, Florida,...". This photo was clipped from a larger photo which showed all the piers.  The pier marked as 5 is the 5th pier from the left.  The photo caption said "Piers 3 to 5 were for DEs".  You can see that the ships at piers 1 & 2 are not DEs.  If the small "Barracks" vessel at the head of  pier 5 is in berth A, then the first group of DEs would be in Berth B and the ship with its port side to the pier would be USS Whitehurst DE-634.  If any reader can verify this or tell me why it is wrong, please
e-mail  Thanks, mc


0732    7 Sept    Departed Green Cove Springs FL for Charleston, S.C.

0827    8 Sept    Arrived Charleston

0749    26 Sept    Departed Charleston for Norfolk, VA

0855   26 Sept    Returned to Charleston

1633    26 Sept    Departed Charleston for Norfolk

0320    27 Sept    Turned back To Charleston

1421    27 Sept    Arrived Charleston

0750    29 Sept    Underway for Norfolk

1706   30 Sept     Arrived Norfolk

2207   26 Oct     Departed Norfolk for Panama

0817  28 Oct     Arrived Charleston

1702    3 Nov    Departed Charleston for Panama

1519    8 Nov    Arrived Balboa Canal Zone (C.Z.)

0800    10 Nov    Departed Balboa for San Diego

0919    12 Nov    Turned Back to Balboa  

    (see Al Crawford's story, Underwater  Earthquake Korean War Items page)

0119    15 Nov    Arrived Balboa

1608    18 Nov    Underway for San Diego

1317    27 Nov    Arrived San Diego 

0829    3    Dec    Departed San Diego for Pearl Harbor Hawaii

1401    9    Dec    Arrived Pearl Harbor


0900    8    Feb    Departed Pearl Harbor for Midway Island

0910    11    Feb    Arrived Midway Island

1032    11    Feb    Departed Midway Island for Japan

1614    21    Feb    Arrived Sasebo, Japan

0830    24    Feb    Departed Sasebo, Japan for Pusan, Korea

1013    25    Feb    Arrived Pusan, Korea                                

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