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1961 Callup, Departure and Arrivals
Oct. 1961 to Mid July 1962
Records kept by Rodger Clement QM3

Rodger Clement QMC USN Ret, 2007

Rodger Clement QM3, 1962

1961 Oct 2, The ship was called to active duty  

Oct 4 Set sail from Seattle for Long Beach Ca. where we had tender

Oct 24 Steaming to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii arriving on Oct 31   

1962 10 Feb. Departed Pearl Harbor  

20 Feb.-21 Feb Guam (Marianas Island) 

22 Feb Arrived Subic Bay (Philippine, Islands) 

7 Mar. Arrived in Da Nang, Viet Nam for personnel transfer  

17 Mar. We had a ships party at Da Nang Military base  

23 Mar-30 Mar Hong Kong (British Crown Colony) (Rest & Relaxation)

13 Apr. Left Subic Bay for patrol in Viet Nam  

19 Apr. Ise De Phu Quoc (Island off Viet Nam) to the village of An Thoi, Viet Nam (beach party)  

27 Apr. Arrived Subic Bay  

29 Apr. Underway –Yokuska, Japan  

3 May Entered port. Yokuska, Japan  

5 May Underway for Kobe, Japan  

6 -9 May Kobe  

10 May Underway –Yokuska , Japan  

11- 27 May Yokuska Japan  

28 May Underway for Pearl Harbor  

5 June Arrived Pearl Harbor  

10 July Underway for Seattle  

17 July Arrived Seattle USNRTC Lake Union  

2 Aug Released from Active duty

All Whitehurst Deck Logs are now in the National Archives.  To obtain copies
write to:

 National Archives
8601 Adelphi Rd
College Park, MD 20740-6001

Specify the dates of the logs you want.  You'll receive a reply giving an estimated cost.  You must pay the estimated cost before they print the logs.  If the actual number of pages is more than the estimated number, you will have to pay the additional cost.  If there are fewer pages than estimated, you'll receive a refund.  As of this posting, June 2009, the cost of each legal size, 11" x 14", log page is 75˘.

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