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Possibly Helpful Information for Families of Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange

This info is gleaned from the Internet, the Federal Benefits for Veterans booklet,  correspondence with ships mates and DB, the widow of a Whitehurst veteran who died of Lung Cancer.

Excerpt from DB's e-mail circa April, 2009

...I received a letter from the VA on March 24, 2009, [stating] that the Federal case, Haas vs. Peak, had been settled in May, 2008, so they were once again processing claims.  In a nutshell, the court ruled that the receipt of the Viet Nam Service Medal alone does not establish service in Viet Nam.  The veteran must have been physically serving in Viet Nam...

The VA letter states: (1) Claims for exposure to Agent Orange now must show that the veteran served in the Republic of Viet Nam Era (January 9, 1962 and ending on May 7, 1975).  Service in the Republic of Viet Nam includes service in the waters off shore and service in other locations if the conditions of service involved duty or visitation in the Republic of Viet Nam, or (2) the veteran's service other than in Viet Nam exposed the veteran to herbicides.
The letter also states that is the veteran was station aboard a ship, The veteran must have disembarked in Viet Nam.

Hello Max,  (excerpted from DB's letter June 12, '09)

I [heard from] from the VA, May 22, when I received a letter stating they had made a decision on my claim for DIC. Service connection for Jim's death was granted. They saw that his death certificate showed that he died of non-small cell lung cancer. They stated in their letter, and I quote, "Service connection for the cause of the veteran's death is granted since evidence shows that it was related to military service". . . and, "The veteran's lung cancer is a condition which the VA associates with Agent Orange exposure."  I accomplished my goal of getting Jim's name on the Agent Orange List.
Max, thanks for helping me accomplish all of this. I couldn't have done it without all of the work you put into creating your website and your postings to others for information. I read the sea stories some of the crew wrote, and I enjoyed them very much. I was thrilled to get Roger's Log because the dates he kept helped me to clarify the route the Whitehurst sailed and when, even though I couldn't get the information to the VA before they made their ruling. (I think they had access to that information all along.)
I think of all the men on the Whitehurst who served on that tour of duty with Jim and wonder how they are doing now. Maybe my experience can help someone else.
Please let me know if and when you receive the Whitehurst logs*. I will be happy to share the cost, if any, with you. This has been quite a journey for me and I am very grateful for your help.  Take care,  DB
*note: Reference to Whitehurst Deck Logs for the time period March 1 through April 30 1962 which have been ordered from the National Archives.  When they arrive, I will update this page with selected copies which will prove that Whitehurst was indeed serving in the geographic area of Agent Orange Exposure during the time frame established by the court for eligibility for damage claims.  The Deck Logs will not necessarily prove that a specific veteran was serving on the ship at the time.  The Veteran's discharge papers (form DD-214) will establish that. mc
Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents

To obtain this small book, write to:

Department of Veterans Affairs
Office of Public Affairs
810 Vermont Ave., N.W.
Washington, DC 20420

Specify: Pamplet # 80-70-01 P94663

 Useful Phone numbers taken from the Benefits booklet

Headstones and Markers.....1-800-697-6947
Health Care.....1-877-222-8387
Life Insurance.....1-800-669-8477
Special Health Issues.....1-800-749-8387
Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TDD).....1-800-829-4833
VA Benefits.....1-800-827-1000

Links to Various VA Benefits

Rodger Clement's personal record of Arrivals and Departures during the 1961 Callup

1961 Oct 2, The ship was called to active duty  

Oct 4 Set sail from Seattle for Long Beach Ca. where we had tender

Oct 24 Steaming to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii arriving on Oct 31   

1962 10 Feb. Departed Pearl Harbor  

20 Feb.-21 Feb Guam (Marianas Island) 

22 Feb Arrived Subic Bay (Philippine, Islands) 

7 Mar. Arrived in Da Nang, Viet Nam for personnel transfer  

17 Mar. We had a ships party at Da Nang Military base  

23 Mar-30 Mar Hong Kong (British Crown Colony) (Rest & Relaxation)

13 Apr. Left Subic Bay for patrol in Viet Nam  

19 Apr. Ise De Phu Quoc (Island off Viet Nam) to the village of An Thoi, Viet Nam (beach party)  

27 Apr. Arrived Subic Bay  

29 Apr. Underway –Yokuska, Japan  

3 May Entered port. Yokuska, Japan  

5 May Underway for Kobe, Japan  

6 -9 May Kobe  

10 May Underway –Yokuska , Japan  

11- 27 May Yokuska Japan  

28 May Underway for Pearl Harbor  

5 June Arrived Pearl Harbor  

10 July Underway for Seattle  

17 July Arrived Seattle USNRTC Lake Union  

2 Aug Released from Active duty

Page to be completed when National Archives send the logs for March & April of 1962.
The National Archives Response, "The Logs are not available".

Posted 13 June 2009, mc

28 September 2010 Received the following photo from Tim Lake GMC USN Ret.

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