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In mid December, 1953, this squadron lost an aircraft and crew in Typhoon Doris which struck the Northern Marianas in the West Pacific.  USS Whitehurst DE-634, was dispatched from Apra Harbor, Guam to participate in a long and tragic search for the missing crew.  In 1999 the Whitehurst website was posted and the story of that ship's part in the search was soon added.  After several years contact was made with members of VJ1/VW3 and we were able to post their piece of the story. These stories, related incidents, and photos have grown into to the epic account on the USS Whitehurst Web site.  The "Hurriphooners" and the "Tin Can Sailors" were pulled together by a tragedy that should not be lost to history. I encourage the flyers and the seamen to share each others stories by surfing this web site.  The place to start is Search and Rescue December 1953  The VJ1/VW3 section is now expanding to include pictures and material related to the eight year history (1952 - 1960) of the unit.
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