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Address Lists
The Yeoman will maintain address lists and seek Whitehurst veterans who are not yet in the lists.  The lists consist of Post Office, E-Mail addresses, and phone numbers.  This information will be shared with shipmates only. It will not be published, sold, or given to anyone except shipmates or in the rare cases when a shipmate's wife, widow, or family asks for a friend's address.  

The yeoman will assist in publicizing the reunions by posting notices in various publications, and by assisting with the mailing of notices to those names in the address lists.  Shipmates wives and companions are invited to the reunions.  When the name can be obtained, the wife's name is posted in the shipmate's master record.  This record contains name, rank/rate, onboard date, address, phone number, spouse name, and deceased date if applicable.  In some cases the military serial number is on file.

Taps List
A "Taps" list will be maintained and updated as knowledge of a shipmate's passing becomes available.  Sympathy cards signed "On behalf of his shipmates" will be sent to widows when possible.  The same courtesy will be extended to shipmates who have lost their wives.

Web Site
The yeoman has authored and constantly updates this USS Whitehurst Web Site.  You are encouraged to submit Whitehurst related stories or photos for use on this Internet site.  This facility has made it possible for many old shipmates to "find us".

 All the above functions have been performed by the yeoman since assuming the task in 1999.
Max Crow Yeoman/Webmaster

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