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Welcome to the Home Page of the USS Whitehurst
  DE 634, Veteran of  World War II in the Pacific,
  Korean War, Viet Nam, and Star of the movie,
  "The Enemy Below"

Movie Review, Enemy Below
This is an excellent and comprehensive review
of the movie.   mc

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My thanks to: The Destroyer Escort Sailors Association who awarded this banner.  To Charles R. "Dick" Casper, who nominated our site for the award.   And many thanks also to the Whitehurst veterans of WWII, Korean War, Post Korean Era, and the Viet Nam War Era, who have contributed the ideas, articles and photos which tell just some of the history and lore of this gallant ship.    Max Crow

USS Whitehurst DE-634 WWII Configuration

USS Whitehurst June 1953, Full Dress Ship in Honor of the
Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain,
Docked at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

USS Whitehurst at anchor, Phou Quoc, Vietnam, 1962





There are a few stories posted on this site which have special interest to many
non-Whitehurst veterans.  Links are posted here for their convenience. mc

Bugara Collision     The Bug Dollar


December 1953, Typhoon Doris forever linked USS Whitehurst to the Brave Flyers of Weather Squadron VJ1/VW3.  Both units were operating out of Guam at the time.

VJ1/VW3 Tragic Loss in Typhoon Doris   Weather Squadron Home Page

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Joe Allgren, son of our shipmate, Mahlon "Swede" Allgren, has prepared a
beautiful picture of Whitehurst with the US flag background, which you may download.

Download Whitehurst Wall Paper

A note to all readers of this website.  Our Military veterans are dying at the
rate of over 1,000 per day.
You can honor their heroism by keeping the
memories of their service alive.  Their stories can be found on hundreds of
of web sites like this one, dedicated to preserving the history and lore of
the men, their ships, planes and stations.  Please read their stories and
encourage your friends and children to read them.. "Lest we forget."
Max Crow, webmaster


A Plea from your Yeoman
We are loosing shipmates at an alarming rate!  Death is not the only reason.
They often forget to tell me when they move, change their e-address, or phone numbers. There is no National Data Base for Cell Phone Numbers which makes it it impossible to find addresses for those who have given up their Land Lines.

Every year when we send out invitations to the reunion, several are returned because the man has moved.  If we are lucky there is a forwarding address sticker on the envelope.  Too often there is not one.  So please update your Yeoman when you move, change e-addresses, and your phone numbers.  You never know when an old friend may want to get in touch with you.
Max Crow, Yeoman USS Whitehurst Assn.

P.S.  I do not share your data with anyone except shipmates and their families.  I prefer to put YOU in touch with the requestor rather than give out your contact numbers.



WWII Era     Korea War & '50s     Viet Nam & 60s     Reunions     Search & Rescue 

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