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The Whitehurst Mystery Key
Mystery Key

American Legion Post 539, New Bern, SC
Hometown of Henry Purefoy Whitehurst
Post 539

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Extra Social Security Benefits for Veterans who served
on active duty between 1957 and 2001
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Navy Time Clock & Bells

El Baile de Los Marineros Viejos (The Dance of the Old Sailors)

The Last Hours of Whitehurst by Veterans of USS Trigger SS-564  Last Hours Ship Photos/Armament Movie: The Enemy Below
What the Heck is a Fiddle Board?

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A Poem of Tribute to the Heroes of Whitehurst   Heroes

A Short Collection of Poems by Whitehurst Veterans  Poetry    

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Search And Rescue Incidents    SAR Missions
VJ-1 Airmen's Stories Weather Plane Lost in Typhoon Doris 

Collision with Norwegian Freighter, Hoyanjer   Collision  

Refueling and Highline Transfers   Replenish  

Funny Stories by Whitehurst Vets   Funnies  

Links to Various Crew and Officer Lists   Crew Lists

Charlie Herril's Pipe and History of the Bosun's Call   Bosun
Wallpaper A.J. Wichita Elected President of AMMV

The U.S. Navy Memorial and The Lone Sailor Statue  
Navy Memorial

Whitehurst Site Receives DESA Patriot Award  
DESA Award
Facts and Conditions of Shipboard Life  Facts
Shipmates on Their Final Voyage   Taps List
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Agent Orange Registry Info
Register your Exposure

Whitehurst Deck Logs Vietnam Patrol Period

Phone number to call if you were exposed, or think
you were exposed to Agent Orange

Agent Orange in Korea??? 
Yes, In the DMZ  from 1968 - 1971

VA Posts list of ships associated with
Presumptive Agent Orange exposure
Agent Orange Announcements

Ships List

Blue Water Sailors Agent Orange (Google this phrase for more info)
Blue Water Sailors & Agent Orange 

Three New Presumptive Diseases added to list for Agent Orange Exposure.
Parkinson's Disease, B-cell Leukemia's, and Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD)




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