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Month & Year Location Hosts Link
June 67 St Petersburg, FL Russ & Millie Kemper RU67
Aug 69 Raleigh, NC Doc and Alma Brown RU69
June 72 St Petersburg, FL Russ & Millie Kemper RU72
Aug 75 Broken Bow, NE Jack & Lavera Scott RU75
June 77 Wildwood, NJ Danny & Mae DeNardis RU77
RU77 Co-Hosts Jim & Doris McDermott Roy & Alice Hasty
June 79 New Market, VA Miller & Lois Roberts RU79
Aug 81 Albany, NY "Marty" & Edie Martin RU81
Aug 83 Raleigh, NC Doc & Alma brown RU83
Aug 88 St Petersburg, FL Millie, Vir. & Nancy Kemper RU88
June 90 Williamsburg, VA Jack & Mary Farmer RU90
RU 90 Co-Hosts Miller & Lois Roberts
Aug 92 Albany, NY "Marty" & Edie Martin RU92
Aug 94 Dearborn, MI John & Caroline Drew RU94
??? 96 Youngstown, OH Bud & Grace Allgren RU96
Oct 98 Orlando, FL John & Helen Rockhold RU98
June 2000 Great Falls, MT Glen & Doris Anderson RU00
RU00 Co-Hosts Dick & Norma Sangray Photos Saved by: Scott Flanders  
July 2002 Silverdale, WA Ross and Jeanie Flanders RU02
Oct 2003 Peoria, IL Ken & Eleanor Whitehurst RU03
June 04 Chattanooga, TN
with  WWII vets
Roy Dean & Jack Nettles RU04
Sep 05 Albany, NY Dick Cromer & Betty Ringanese RU05
Sep 06 Kansas City, MO Earl England & Daughter, Kathy Lynch RU06
Oct 07
RU Co-Host
Canton, OH George & Dorothy Davis,
Jane Waggoner
Oct 08
RU Co-Host
El Paso, TX Arnold & Gladys Pettijohn
Chris & Max Crow
Oct 09 Tucson, AZ Jake & Annie Houser RU09
Sept. 2010 Reno NV Wally Shelton-Pat Phillips RU10
Sept. 2011 San Diego, CA Zeke Frazier RU11
Oct.  2012 Alexandria, VA Jim & Rae Howe RU12
Sept. 2013 Portland, OR 1st Joint ReU Larry & Velma Richards RU13
Oct. 2014 Kansas City, MO 2nd Joint Jerry & Mary Hudson RU14
Aug. 2015 Savannah, GA   3rd Joint Larry & Velma Richards RU15
Sept. 2016 Albuquerque, NM Larry & Velma Richards RU16
Sept. 2017 San Antonio, TX Larry & Velma Richards RU17

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